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Everyday Transformation - The People First Approach to Digital Change is the new book co-authored by Warren Cass and Warren Knight release on the 5th September 2023.

Together they have created a framework which completely demystifies digital transformation  and provides context for anyone leading the charge or playing a role in organisational change.

What is Everyday Transformation?

Everyday transformation is our philosophical approach to digital change, which puts humans at the heart of innovation and where the evaluation of opportunities/possibilities is the responsibility of all and the daily modus operandi.

It refers to the process of generating and implementing new ideas or solutions to improve everyday life experiences. This type of innovation focuses on finding creative and practical solutions to common problems or challenges that people face in their daily lives.

The challenge for most with the traditional approach to a digital transformation is actually defining what ‘done’ looks like? Where is the finish line? Is it an updated proposition for the customer? Or replacing legacy systems? Is it a one-off event or a continuous process?

Success for us is leaving clients with an organization that is agile and equipped for whatever situation may arise. Whether it be disruption to their market, changing customer needs, new regulation, pioneering new tech that changes expectations, or a global pandemic.

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